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Happy Birthday Nick O’Malley - 5/07/1985 

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Pictures from Stromae’s show at Zenith Orléans in Orléans, France.

(Credit to photographer Michael Ferire and Stromae’s Summer Tour Diary on

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Miles Kane at Rock Werchter Festival 7/3/14 (x)

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I was doing bootleg compilations for Alex Turner’s fan-page and I did some illustrations to every song on the album (not only “The Age of the Understatement”)

I know they’re pretty primitive, but I just wanna share it with you anyway

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I’m telling you, long lost Beatle.

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dont let tumblr make you think

  • school isnt important
  • its okay to be rude to your parents
  • its normal to hate everyone
  • self harm and suicide are romantic or great
  • being rude is cute
  • being a female who hits or yells at your boyfriend is woman empowerment
  • depression and other mental illnesses are beautiful
  • grades arent important
  • education isnt important
  • college isnt important
  • smoking is cool
  • drugs are cool

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Suki Waterhouse for Vogue Met Gala 2014 Special Edition, May 2014

Suki Waterhouse for Vogue Met Gala 2014 Special Edition, May 2014

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